Firestone Destination XT Review: Performance and Durability


This is our detailed Firestone Destination XT review in 2024.

Firestone is a well-known tire brand with a strong reputation. However, not all of their models are created equal. Each one brings unique features and performance to the table.

That’s why we’re going to review the Firestone Destination XT specifically. 

Well, to give you the lowdown, I’ve done our homework and put these tires to the test.

The result shows that the Destination XT lived up to the hype and performed well on tarred and rocky tracks.

In this review, I’ll dive into all the nitty-gritty details of the Firestone Destination XT. I will also share my experiences with these tires’ performance in various circumstances.

From this, you can determine if this tire is the perfect choice for your truck or SUV.

Firestone Destination XT Overview

Is the Firestone Destination XT tire just a bluff on having premium performance? 

Before we can answer that question, let’s start by examining all the key features of this tire.

TYPE Off-Road All-Terrain
LOAD INDEX104 – 127
(1,984 lbs – 3,858 lbs)
SPEED RATING– R: Up to 106 mph
– T: UP to 118 mph
TREAD DEPTH14/32″ – 17/32″
RIM DIAMETER 15″ – 20″
WARRANTY50,000 Miles

Key Features

The Firestone Destination XT has a rugged, aggressive tread pattern

3PMSF Rating

The Destination XT tire has a 3PMSF rating, which means it is suitable for a variety of environments. Be it wet, dry or snowy period, this tire is ready to drive you through.

Extensive-groove and Open-shoulder Treadwear

By optimizing the tread design, this tire maintains flexibility on wet roads. This design includes automated combinations featuring a wide groove and an open-shoulder tread. This accounts for why the Firestone XT can scale through water in a more adept form.

Lurched Shoulder Lugs for Traction

Firestone Destination XT’s lurched shoulder lugs spread evenly to provide stable traction. As a result, it enhances extra edge over other all-terrain tires when off-roading.

Interlocking Technology with 3D Sipes

The Destination XT boasts world-class longevity thanks to its 3D Sipes Interlocking technology.

Outer Longitudinal Grooves

Two outer longitudinal grooves built within this tire come with many biters. This improves traction across different situations, especially during snow times.


To put these tires to the test, I embarked on a brief journey.

This encloses taking the Destination XT tire on trips across different environments. It is no secret that this comes as a little surprise. But, this tire lived up to its hype.

Based on my experience with the Destination XT tires, here’s what I learned:

Dry Performance

What I noticed about these tires on dry roads was excellent.

The grip and handling, forming the tire’s traction, were in perfect sync. Their connections with the exterior made cornering smooth and easy while I drove on dry roads.

A quite dissatisfying aspect of the grip is its poor high-speed performance. Yet, with lower speeds, the Destination XT was able to offer an upright grip. It was like pushing a trolley.

Thanks to its lurched shoulder lugs, I could handle these tires faster.

Wet Performance

The Firestone Destination XT tires performed reasonably well, earning an average rating on wet roads.

I found the directional grip on these tires to be solid and stable. Handling-wise, it was a bit off. The tire could not offer the ideal friction confidence I hoped for.

I confirmed that there is a near-perfect road grip with these tires. This is what links us to the fact that the tire’s 3D Interlocking Sipes provide a superior grip on surfaces.

As I drove down the wet roads, I was able to scale past. The tires’ flexibility wiped enough water very fast to get me back in motion.

The shoulder lugs in these tires also came in handy in wet environments. Nonetheless, it failed to offer a smooth handling experience.

The Firestone Destination XT surprised us with an outstanding hydroplaning directory. Rather than getting stuck in the water, I drove past these roads. The tires were able to float quickly to the other side.

I want to say that the Destination XT tire has an average yet classic wet performance. This Firestone bald design is what makes the tire pass through water without any hassle.

With the tires, braking was also stable in wet environments. Within a few seconds of hitting the brakes, I could stop the tires without any hassle.

Winter/Snow Performance

Being an all-terrain tire makes the Destination XT an ideal option in winter. And, it proved this when I tested it.

Its soft and flexible texture did pretty well enduring the winter temperatures. Besides, having a bunch of biters enhances the tire to offer smooth drives in the snow.

Instead of shrinking during these temperatures, it continued to stay flexible.

Driving through snow-filled surfaces did not bother me much. These biters had the perfect hold on snow. Each time I encountered snow and ice with the XT tire, it did not just slide over. It bit through these obstacles in style.

Thanks to the 2-outer longitudinal grooves on these tires, snow grabbing was effective. Each time I came in contact with packed snow, the Destination XT gave me a great grip.

There is no need to worry about the crusty roads; the macho XT has got the arms to get you through.

Off-Road Performance

Being an all-weather tire is not the final tune of the Destination XT tire. It features an excellent design to stand out in the leagues of classic all-terrain tires.

I want to mention again that it is a great choice for off-road trips.

When I put these tools to the test, I didn’t record any issues. Even better, I experienced uptight off-road traction that maneuvered different surfaces.

I first tried going camping along a rocky path for a day. The Destination XT tires bounced and conquered every part of this path till I got to my destination.

Tip: To beat the rocky roads, deflating the tires was pretty helpful.

It truly is an all-terrain tire for a reason!

Can it beat muddy and sandy environments?

Yes, Firestone has a classic build that features an extensive groove and open-shoulder treadwear.

One time, I drove past a muddy street, and the rubber moved compactly, filling the grooves. Although it lost ground while gripping the mud, it could still get to the other side without further issues.

The tire build is what guarantees compact movement on muddy and sandy roads.

Regardless, Firestone provided an impressive off-road and mud-excavating experience during my trips.

Traction & Handling

The Destination XT secures superior grip and traction thanks to its compact 3D sipes.

Plus, the premium shoulder lugs on these tires have enough capabilities to enhance smooth handling.

I had perfect handling on dry roads. On wet roads, though it was a bit difficult, it still managed to scale through.

Across all other surfaces, including rocky paths, this AT tire is an impressive one. It offered my SUV the most comfortable handling, especially on snowy roads.

Stability is never an issue with the Firestone.

Can I trust my SUV on the highway with the Destination XT?

The stiff yet masterclass build to this tire has made highway drives possible. Why not? Having 2 outer longitudinal tractions means accelerating, and braking will be solid. It indeed was, when I tested it.

Noise & Comfort

If you dislike tire humming and wobbling, the Destination XT may disappoint.

Despite the amazing ride comfort, the noise from the Firestone was still bothersome.

Unlike its counterparts, it features pitch-sequencing tech to reduce noise. Yet, this was not enough to stop the annoying hums, especially after wear.

I then discovered a key tip to keep this sound lower. After observing a few rotations with the tires every 5,000 miles, I noticed a sudden drop in the noise.

Nonetheless, with my car music background and AC working, I could not really hear these noises.

The Destination tires offer second-to-none comfort on the road but have average noise performance.

Treadwear & Longevity

When it comes to longevity, the Firestone Destination XT tire is an insane competitor.

These all-terrain tires have a wild inner construct made partly with all-around polyester. It also comes with a casing containing steel-made cords.

This proves that Firestone can host moderate durability compared to other AT tires.

Since the Destination XT has a soft rubber build, the tires brag of swift and responsive grip. It finds the perfect balance between sticking to the roads and finding its way out.

In turn, this makes up for why the tire promotes considerable fuel consumption.

While this soft rubber feature may not be a safe choice wear-wise, it saved a lot of fuel.

With a warranty reaching 50,000 miles, the XT also assures long-lasting tread life.

Price Range

The Firestone Destination XT tires fall under a moderate price range. But, this may vary based on the size you prefer.

It comes in sizes, ranging from 15-20 inches. This size determines how much vendors sell it within a price range from $211.99 to $377.99. 

At first, I was a bit bitter about the prize. When I started to focus on the quality of these Firestone XTs, I then realized that they are worth every penny.

Not all-terrain tires can perform as the Destination XT. I can even say it has a moderate price for its top-notch quality.

Pros & Cons


  • Strong traction and grip on dry surfaces
  • Impressive traction functionality in snow
  • Long-lasting treadwear (50,000 miles) capabilities
  • Fair price compared to such quality on all-terrain ability
  • Great choice for off-road trips


  • Little tread noises can become louder on highway drives
  • Average performance on wet roads


The Firestone Destination XT is a great tire, but let’s face it, we all have our own unique driving needs. So, here are some alternatives that you might want to check out:

Cooper Discoverer AT3 LT

If you’re looking for a tire that’s great on the road and can handle some off-road action, this one’s a solid choice. It’s got good wet and dry traction, a pretty smooth and quiet ride, and it’s even ready to tackle some serious winter conditions. Compared to the Destination XT, it has a firmer ride and less responsive steering. But it offers a similar level of snow traction and durability.

Sumitomo Encounter AT

This tire offers a well-rounded performance, whether you’re cruising on the road or going off it. It’s got good traction in wet and dry conditions, a comfortable ride, and lasts a long time. Plus, it can handle light to moderate snow and mud with its aggressive tread design and wide grooves. Compared to the Destination XT, it might not carry as heavy a load and doesn’t have that rugged look. However, it’s a great value for your money and provides a comfy ride.

BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2

If you’re all about off-road adventures and durability, this is the tire for you. It’s built tough with sidewalls and tread that can take a beating and keep on rolling. The tread pattern gives you exceptional traction on rocks, sand, mud, and even in the snow. It’s a well-loved, trusted tire known for its reliability and quality. Now, compared to the Destination XT, it might cost a bit more and be a tad louder. But it’s worth it for superior off-road performance and a longer lifespan.


After many tests, I can say that the Firestone Destination XT is a great all-terrain tire.

Going through its handling expertise, road traction, and durability impressed me. The ride quality especially came in a more comfortable manner.

In general, this tire can be a nice choice for your SUV or truck driving.

But remember, no tire is perfect for everyone. 

So, think about what you need for your car and where you drive most often before you buy. 

Thanks for reading this review. Drive safe!

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